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How can you help?

•  In order to make each speech collection a masterpiece we invite all the sahaj artists from around the world to contribute with border decorations, illuminated letters and paintings (either in the style of Indian miniature painting or various other styles), using the examples from this website and the exact specifications as far as dimensions and resolutions are concerned. Many sahaj artists are very familiar with this type of artistic decorations and with this project we aim to bring together their contributions so that this project becomes truly a collective sahaj project.


•  We aim to use the same style of borders for each speech and we will also inform you which are the letters most needed for the illumination.



•  At the beginning of each speech we aim to use either a high resolution photo of Shri Mataji from the actual puja that is being printed, an illustration with Indian miniature painting reflecting the topic of the talk or any other type of painting that reflects the spiritual message of the talk.

We can also use photos of Shri Mataji's crown that She wore at the particular Puja we are printing and also photos of Swayambhus from around the world.


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