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Border illustrations - Illuminated Letters

Many of you might be familiar with the style of illuminated medieval and renaissance books where decorated borders and illuminated letters were used to enhance the beauty of the text printed in books. Many such books, if not all, were handwritten and hand painted.

For the purpose of this project we will use scanned versions of each border illustration and illuminated letter that sahaj artists can contribute to the project and ultimately we will add the illustrations to the text of Shri Mataji’s talk and create a beautiful printable version in A3 format or bigger, whilst we will always have the electronic version saved for further copies.

We aim to use the same style of borders for each speech and we will also inform you on which are the letters most needed for the illumination.
Please see here a few examples of such borders and illuminated letters and you can take inspiration from these or create your own. Please contact us before starting your art creation.

Project Gallery

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