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About the project

Dear brothers and sisters,

Dear Sahaj artists,


For long there has been a collective desire to print Shri Mataji’s speeches in a book format and with this also the desire to create artistically illustrated decorations for such a book collection.


Hopefully now the time has come for such a dream project to come true and with the help of all sahaj artists from around the world we can make this initiative work.

Miniature painting Shri Ganesha.jpg

Divine library

​Shri Mataji has already mentioned that Her Divine Talks should be printed and stored in libraries around the world and we are building up on this advice  embarking on this project.

• In order to put together each collection of talks of Shri Mataji based on puja topics we will work closely with Nirmala Vidya in order to use the revised speech based on the audio/video recordings available.

• Once we have the approval from Nirmala Vidya that the speech has been fully revised we will then proceed to insert it in the book collection.


• As far as the actual printing of the speech we will use a carefully chosen font that then can  be replicated for all of Shri Mataji’s talks printed throughout this project.


• The use of Shri Mataji’s talks will be done in accordance with the legal requirements regarding the Intellectual Property of Shri Mataji.

Shri Ganesha beach.jpg

The Idea behind the project

The idea behind the project is to print Shri Mataji’s talks in an A3 or A2 format book with beautiful border illustrations, illuminated letters,  photos of Shri Mataji and paintings of Sahaja Yogis,  binding it all in a beautiful leather cover.

This aims to be a collective project and we are very happy to receive your feedback and suggestions regarding the technical aspects of the printing of the book, font selecting, paper quality, cover, binding, etc. We are not experts in those fields and we welcome your input as it will help us find the best solution aimed at preserving Shri Mataji’s talks at the highest level of quality in a print format.

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