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Verification of Shri Mataji's talks

When a talk is transcribed from audio to text (transcription), it needs to be verified at least 3 times to come to a fairly correct version.

Not all the talks of Shri Ganesha pujas on Nirmala Vidya site are fully verified yet.

Until now we have found 45 talks of Shri Ganesha pujas, in English, which are on the Nirmala Vidya site. Out of this 45 , only 13 talks are fully verified. So we need a lot of help with the verification of the other talks.
If you desire to participate please contact us quickly as this is one of the first action to be done. Please write to us on
Also please do check the link below on more details regarding the process of correcting the transcripts of Shri Mataji's talks.

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